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Understanding Piles and Fissures: Causes, Symptoms & Ayurvedic Treatment Options
Piles, also known as haemorrhoids, can cause significant discomfort, bleeding and pain. This comprehensive article delves into the causes, symptoms, and various treatment options, with a focus on Ayurvedic remedies.

From understanding the different types of piles to exploring self-care measures, we provide valuable insights to help manage this condition. Early intervention is key, as timely treatment can prevent the need for invasive procedures or medications. Whether you’re seeking natural remedies or considering medical intervention, this guide will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about managing piles and fissures effectively.

The causes of piles or haemorrhoids and fissures, can vary, but they are often attributed to the following factors:

  1. Straining during bowel movements: Putting excessive pressure on the rectal area while passing stools can lead to the development of piles and fissures.
  2. Chronic constipation or diarrhea: Irregular bowel movements can contribute to the development of piles and fissures as both conditions can strain the rectal area.
  3. Sedentary lifestyle: Sitting or standing for long periods without taking breaks to move around can increase the risk of developing piles and fissures.
  4. Obesity: Being overweight or obese puts additional pressure on the rectal veins, increasing the likelihood of developing piles and fissures.
  5. Pregnancy: Hormonal changes and increased pressure on the rectal area during pregnancy can cause piles and fissures to develop.
  6. Aging: As we age, the tissues supporting the rectum and anus can weaken, making us more susceptible to piles and fissure.
  7. Genetic predisposition: Some individuals may have a genetic predisposition to developing piles and fissure.
  8. Diet: Eating low fibre food may contribute to haemorrhoids and fissure.
  9. Anal Inter courses: This may create pressure in rectal area and causes piles & fissure and can worsen the condition of existing ones.

It’s important to note that these causes may vary from person to person, and a combination of factors can contribute to the development of piles and fissures. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, incorporating fibre-rich foods into your diet, staying hydrated, and practicing good toilet habits can help prevent piles and fissure.

Unlocking the Secrets of Ayurveda for Piles and fissure:

Expert Advice and Customized Treatments Await!

When it comes to managing piles and fissure, Ayurveda can be a game-changer. However, in cases of intense pain and bleeding, it’s crucial to seek professional medical advice for optimal care.

Diagnosing the specific type of piles and fissure, you have is the key to effective treatment. Don’t fret if you’re unsure about your symptoms; consulting with a skilled physician will provide clarity and pave the way to tailored solutions.

Now, let’s embark on a journey through the fascinating world of piles and fissure, exploring the diverse types that demand our attention and understanding.

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Ayurvedic Medicines Unveiled: Healing Piles and Fissure the Natural Way!

Unlock the power of Ayurvedic medicine for treating piles and fissures. Experience a holistic approach that restores balance to your body’s three Doshas, promoting overall health and well-being.

Discover the magic of potent herbal remedies, tailor-made for haemorrhoids, as Ayurveda unveils its secrets for effective healing.

  1. Touch-Me-Not Herb, a Saviour for Bleeding Piles!

Harness the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the remarkable touch-me-not herb. Experience its potent healing properties, renowned for managing bleeding piles and alleviating pain and inflammation.

Embrace the time-tested tradition recommended by Ayurvedic practitioners and Vaidyas, utilizing the power of touch-me-not leaves. Unlock the soothing relief by applying an external paste to the affected area. Discover the holistic benefits of Ayurveda medicines like Arshakuthara Ras, Abhyarista, Baiswanar Churna, etc. packed with the goodness of touch-me-not and other potent herbs, providing lasting relief and preventive care against piles.

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  1. Triphala: Your Path to Lasting Relief from Piles & Fissure!

Unlock the power of Triphala, the ultimate blend of Amalaki, Bhibhitaki, and Haritaki, and experience lasting relief. This magical composition not only aids in constipation relief but also reduces the chances of straining, minimizing the risk of piles & Fissure.

Discover the secret to smooth evacuation and bid farewell to piles & Fissure with Triphala’s potent and natural solution!

  1. Guggul: The Ayurvedic Wonder for Piles & Fissure!

Unleash the power of Guggul, the mighty anti-inflammatory herb. With its scientific name Balsamodendron Mukul, Guggul works wonders in reducing inflammation, managing hemorrhoidal concerns, and delivering quick and lasting relief from piles & fissure.

As a dual-action ally, Guggul acts as a gentle laxative and potent astringent, effectively metabolizing the root causes of hemorrhoids. Say goodbye to toxins (Ama) and embrace improved digestive health with the remarkable benefits of Guggul!

  1. Turmeric: The Golden Cure for Piles and Fissure!

Unlock the remarkable powers of Turmeric, the cherished household treasure known as Haldi. Beyond its diverse uses in cosmetics, religious rituals, and healthcare, Turmeric shines as a powerful ally in managing piles and fissure.

Harness the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory might of this golden herb to ward off secondary infections and effectively control bleeding caused by haemorrhoids.

Bid farewell to uncomfortable itching and embrace the astringent magic of Turmeric, renowned for shrinking haemorrhoids. Boost your digestive fire (Agni) and safeguard against piles and fissure with Turmeric’s ability to improve digestion.

Top Takeaway:

Dealing with the discomfort of hemorrhoids can be challenging, from the painful rounds to the toilet seat to daily inconveniences. To effectively manage this condition, incorporating lifestyle changes and adopting a healthier diet is crucial. This blog reveals invaluable natural and Ayurvedic tips for handling piles and fissures. Let’s recap what we’ve learned:

  1. Causes of piles and fissure include bowel strain, chronic constipation, obesity, pregnancy, a low-fibre diet, and excessive spice consumption.
  2. Ayurveda attributes piles and fissure to imbalances in the three Doshas.
  3. Discover effective natural tips for managing and preventing haemorrhoids.
  4. Explore the power of various Ayurvedic herbs renowned for their ability to address piles and fissures.


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