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Uses: Diarrhoea, constipation, diabetes, and cancer.



Uses: Vomiting; flatulence; nausea; liver, bowel and stomach disorders; and...



Uses: Tumor, cosmetic, laxative, cooling, placebo, sexual disorder, hair color,...



Uses: Stomach ulcers, indigestion, liver disorders, and as emmenagogue, nervine,...


Why there is a NEED of plants information system ?

The Plants Information System (PIS) plays a crucial role in Ayurveda as it serves as a comprehensive database that contains essential information about various medicinal plants. Ayurveda, being a holistic system of medicine, heavily relies on the use of medicinal plants for treating various ailments and maintaining overall health and well-being.

The PIS serves as a valuable resource for Ayurvedic practitioners, researchers, and students, providing accurate and up-to-date information about the botanical, pharmacological, and therapeutic aspects of medicinal plants. It facilitates the identification, selection, and utilization of appropriate medicinal plants in the formulation of Ayurvedic medicines, ensuring their safety and efficacy.

Furthermore, the PIS helps in the conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants by providing information on their distribution, cultivation, harvesting, and conservation practices. It also promotes the standardization and quality control of Ayurvedic medicines by providing information on the botanical identification, authentication, and quality parameters of medicinal plants.

Overall, the Plants Information System (PIS) plays a vital role in enhancing the understanding, utilization, and conservation of medicinal plants in Ayurveda, thereby contributing to the advancement and promotion of this traditional system of medicine.

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