Shalakya Thanthra or Opthalmology and ENT is the branch which deals with treatment of diseases pertaining to the areas above the neck such as those confined to ears, eyes , nose, oral cavity (mouth,) , teeth and gums and throat.


Srimukha : (Dental/Throat)

For the management of oral cavity disorders and throat related diseases, including Foul smell in Mouth, Dental related issues, Swelling and pain in the Throat, Hoarseness in the voice.

Srikarna : (Ear)

Management of Ear diseases including Ear wax, Pain and discharge from the Ear, Deafness, Tinnitus, etc.

Srinaasa: (Nose)

For the Nasal complaints including bleeding from nostrils, Nasal blockage, Loss of smell.

Shirojyothi: (Head)

For the management of Migraine, Trigeminal neuralgia, Headache, Stress and its management etc.

Srinetra: (Ayurvedic super specialty eye care)

Srinetra includes management of vision and eye sight,Cataract in early stages,and post cataract surgery,Glaucoma,Allergies and Dry eye syndrome.

This clinic has all the sophisticated instruments as well as it covers all the dental treatments which includes,

Oral prophylaxis, Restorations, Root canal treatments, Extractions, Fixed prosthetic treatments, Complete denture, Removable partial denture, Pedodontic treatment, Orthodontic Treatment etc.

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