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About Sri Sri University

This Postgraduate Diploma is specially designed to generate, deepen and complement the clinical-surgical practice in the field of proctology, including the most interesting diagnostic and approach advances in this sector with special emphasis on the construction of knowledge through high-quality multimedia content.  It is a course of the highest quality, developed by the best professionals in clinical intervention and research in this exciting area of work which is a unique Postgraduate Diploma that perfectly combines intensive training with the most innovative knowledge and techniques in the sector, with the flexibility that a working professional needs. The development of this Postgraduate Diploma is focused on the practice of the proposed theoretical learning. Through the most effective teaching systems, and proven methods adhered to from the most prestigious universities in the country and also abroad, you will be able to acquire new knowledge in a practical way. In this way, we strive to convert your efforts into real and immediate skills.

              Apart from offline system of teaching and training, our online system is another strength of our training program. With an interactive platform that has the advantages of the latest technological developments, we put the most interactive digital tools at your service. This way, we can offer you a learning method that can be completely adapted to your needs, so that you can perfectly combine this training program with your personal or professional life.

        Our Postgraduate Diploma in Proctology offers unique elements, such as a practical approach to the topics covered, with clinical cases, management algorithms, and high-quality multimedia material to transmit knowledge in a comprehensive, dynamic, active, and captivating manner. The structure of the contents has been designed by a team of professionals who are aware of the relevance of up-to-date training in order to advance in medical practice safely and competitively, and to practice your profession with the excellence that only the highest quality training can provide. This is a complete training program developed through the best selection of multimedia contents, which will allow you to acquire deeper knowledge of the clinical-surgical practice in a safe and comfortable position.


The objective of this training is to offer medical professionals, a path to specialization in Proctology, which includes all the most relevant and up-to-date aspects in this field. The courses will help you to acquire advanced knowledge, expertise, and skills for clinical practice, or to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in this field. The sole aim is to keep you in practical and effective way at the forefront of a constantly evolving profession. This will allow you to get up-to-date with everything related not only to perianal and anal abscesses and fissures, but also in other Ano rectal disorders, injuries and surgeries in this field. Definitely it is a unique opportunity to upgrade with maximum flexibility and quality. Relearning process will allow you to learn with less effort and more performance, involving you more in your specialization, developing a critical spirit, defending arguments and contrasting opinions which can be a direct equation to success. At the forefront of world pedagogy, the relearning method has managed to improve the overall satisfaction levels of professionals who complete their studies, with respect to the best quality.

This program will allow you to obtain the title of Expert in Proctology. At the forefront of world pedagogy, the relearning method has managed to improve the overall satisfaction levels of professionals who complete their studies, with respect to the best quality of training. Upon graduation you will receive a university PG Diploma in Proctology, a super specialty certificate endorsed by Sri Sri University (SSU) and jointly worked with Indian Proctology Society (IPS) of recognized international prestige. This diploma from this university ensures the acquisition of skills in the area of ​​knowledge, so that it confers a high curricular value to the student who passes the evaluations and accredits the program after completing it in its entirety.

Course Details
₹ 1,20,000 ($ 1,440)

Eligibility, Criteria & Other Details
Should have completed BAMS/MBBS/BHMS/BUMS from a recognized University
Duration: 12 Months
Selection Procedure: On the basis of availability of seats and first come first serve.
Medium of Instruction: English and Hindi
Seats: 10 participants per batch
Certificate: 4 assessments will be done after every three months. Certificate will be provided to the trainees after completion of the course.
General rules and regulation: It will be followed as per IPS and SSU guidelines.
Dress: White Apron or Uniform as per instruction.
Boarding and Lodging: Participants will arrange by their own self
Timing: Class timing during working hours
Practical: OPD & IPD
Postings: 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Theory: 3:00 PM to 4:00 Pm
Purpose of this Institute

To impart Quality Health Education

To Encourage Deserving Students
with best facilities in affordable price

To Cultivate True Professionalism
in young aspirants


is here to overcome the health endeavour in term of health education and care, here we are ready to contribute the continent with updated global facilities and excellence.

Let us spread Ayurveda, a good healthy lifestyle and tell people to use Ayurvedic products. You all should promote Ayurveda.

-Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Curriculums (Syllabus) - P.G. Diploma in Proctology

Modality of Teaching:  Online/Offline

Hours: 150 hours

Duration: 12 months

1) General – The followings are general objective focusing points for obtaining this diploma

  1. A) Details about Proctology and its developments in Ayurveda and Allopath
  2. i) General, Surgical anatomy & Physiology of Ano Rectum, &Pelvic areas
  3. ii) The integrate knowledge of Proctology and pelvic floor, with the aim of acquiring the necessary anamnesis skills for sound practice

iii) Pathological views of Proctologic disorders.

.B)  Detail knowledge about counseling and clinical with physical examinations of Proctology

  1. C) Acquire the necessary knowledge for the interpretation of complementary tests focused on mental diagnostic algorithms in proctology.
  2. D) Know the subsequent surgical indication of the pathologies that comprise field of Proctology surgery.
  3. E) Identify and learn the medical treatments and surgical techniques/procedures used for each type of proctology and pelvic floor pathology
  4. F) Know the Important fields of Skill managements of Psycho somatic affects of Proctologic diseases
  5. G) Concept of Holistic health for restoring the health of Proctologic victims
  6. H) Preventive and Health care of Proctology with diet, sleep and life styles
  7. I) Study the Role of diet in Proctology
  8. B) Specific – There are many specific areas and objectives dealt in Proctology. Out of them some following important specific points are to be learnt.
  9. I) Review the etiology, clinical symptoms, diagnostic and treatment aspects of about 38 types of Proctologic disorders followed by more prevalent Ano rectal diseases.
  10. II) Review the etiology, clinical symptoms, and diagnostic aspects of Hemorrhoids/Piles from a practical point of view.

III) Address the medicinal, non-surgical and surgical management of hemorrhoidal pathology, from classical methods and hemorrhoidectomy to new techniques as PCA therapy.

  1. IV) Learn about the evidence and results from the current literature of concerned disease.

IIV) Gain in-depth knowledge of the best postoperative treatment and special situations such as pregnancy, anticoagulation, and links to other pathologies

  1. IV) Review the etiology, clinical symptoms, and diagnostic features &updated treatments. of anal fissures
  2. V) Identify the need for complementary tests prior to anal fissure surgery.
  3. VI) Address the different current medical treatments and define the failure of a treatment

 and indicate appropriate surgery.

VII)  Hand to hand the surgical technique of sphincterotomy

VIII) Establish the definition and classification of sphincter lesions, as well as to learn the surgical technique of sphincter correction

  1. IX) Learn about special situations of anal fissure presentation
  2. X) Review the etiology, diagnosis, classifications, and complementary tests of growth, Bleedings, Perianal Abscesses, Sinus and Fistulas

XII) Get, up-to-date and unify knowledge of perianal abscess drainage and management of anal fistulas according to location and classification

XIII) Early recognition of signs of Perianal growth, abscess complications, specifically gangrene

XIV) Acquire in-depth knowledge of the diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms of recto-vaginal fistulas

  1. XV) Understand the role of stem cell therapy in fistulous pathology

XVI) Know about Para-Surgical procedures in advanced methods of Ayurveda and other systems

XVII) Know about the importance of PCA Therapy and its applications

XVIII) Proctology Examinations &diagnostic measures.

XVIV) Role of Proctology Assistant, Paramedical & attendants

X X) Laser surgery& its applications in Proctology

XXI) Contemporary Para Surgical procedures and their Merits& Demerits of applied aspects 

XXII )Proctologic Diseases-Anal warts, Anal Incontinence, Anal Stricture, Ano Rectal polyp ,Anorectal injury, Tumors, abscess, Cancer, constipation, Crohns disease, Fissure, Foreign body, Proctotis, Hemorrhoids, Fistulae, Prolapsed, Stricture  Procto- colitis etc  ,  

                            Module –  1. Hemorrhoids

1.1- Concept and Etiology 
1.2- Clinical diagnosis and Classification 
1.3- Medical treatment
1.4. Non-Surgical Treatment – Banding, Sclerosis, Dilatation, other procedures   etc
1.5. Surgical management
1.6. Emergency treatment
1.7. Post-Operative Care
1.8. Special Situations

1.8.1. Pregnancy
1.8.2. Anticoagulation/ Complication management
1.8.3. Links to other Pathologies

1.9. Post-Surgical Complications and Prevention
1.10. Comparison of the Techniques According to Evidence and Algorithms

1.10.1. Comparison of Different Techniques/procedures according to evidence 
1.10.2.Degree wise selection of Treatments

1.11.3-Preventive treatments primary position

1.12.4-Applied successful procedures of PCA therapy

              Module- 2- Anal Fissure and Sphincter Lesions

2.1. Concept and Etiology
2.2. Clinical Diagnosis

2.3. Classification and Complementary Tests 
2.4.  Know treatment schedules of Acute and Chronic

2.4.1. Lifestyle modifications
2.4.2. Medical treatment
2.4.3.Role of diet in management

2.5. Surgical Management
2.6. Management of Post-Operative and Complications
2.7. Special Situations: Anal Fissure

2.7.1. Superbness of PCA therapy in alternative to Surgery

2.7.2- Recurrent or Relapsing Fissure
2.7.3-. Fissure and Stenosis
2.7.4. Fissure and Crohn’s Disease
2.7.5. Fissure and Hemorrhoids

2.7.6. Fissure and Fistulae

2.7.7. Fissure and Other associations

2.8. Sphincter Lesions – Definition and Classification
2.9. Sphincter Lesions – Diagnostic Tests
2.10. Treatment of Sphincter Lesions – Anoplasty

                 Module 3.  Perianal Abscesses   And Fistulas

3.1 Concept and Etiology
3.2 Diagnosis and Complementary Tests
3.3 Classifications
3.4 Perianal Abscess Treatment
3.5 Perianal Fistula Treatment
3.6 Perianal Abscess Complications – Fournier’s Gangrene
3.7 Special Situations: Different Fistulae in Ano
3.8 Surgical Treatments

3.9. Surgical complications

3.10. Relapses/Recurrences
3.9 -Critical Fistulae -RV F, VVF, Horse shoe etc
3.10 The Role of Stem Cells in Fistulas

3.11. Flap therapy

3.12-The Importance of PCA therapy and its applications

3.13.-Sucessful answers to recurred cases with PCA therapy          .

                     Module – 4. Anal Stricture

4-1-Concept and Etiology

4.2 Diagnosis and Complementary Tests
4.3 Classification 

4-4-Management of Acute & Chronic

4.5-Surgical & Para surgical approaches

4.6. Importance of PCA therapy

                4.6- Management of primary Anal Stricture & its complications

                                    Module-5 Ano-Rectal Prolapse

5-1.Concept and Etiology

5.2 Diagnosis and Complementary Tests
5.3 Classification 

5-4-Management of Acute & Chronic

5.5-Surgical & Para surgical approaches

5.6. Importance of PCA therapy

               5.7- Management of Primary Ano-Rectal Prolapsed conditions

               5.8-Preventive care of Primary/Early diagnosis and management

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