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Digital X-Ray is a modern diagnostic imaging technology used in the medical field to produce detailed images of the internal structures of the body. Unlike traditional X-ray machines that use film to capture images, digital X-ray machines use electronic sensors to capture images that are then stored and processed on a computer. This technology allows for high-quality images to be produced quickly and with less radiation exposure to patients. The digital images can be manipulated and enhanced to provide greater clarity and detail, making it easier for doctors to identify and diagnose conditions such as fractures, infections, and tumors. Digital X-ray has become an essential tool in modern medicine, providing doctors with a non-invasive and efficient way to diagnose and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

Mr. Dillip Kumar Palei

Mr. Dillip Kumar Palei X-Ray Technician

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“We have to provide compassionately accessible, cost-effective, and qualitative health care to promote individuals’ dynamic health and cure disease with satisfaction.”

A disease-free children’s community has the potential for health, spirituality, and satisfaction with a smile.

  1. Quality management to improve effective treatments as described in the Ayurvedic classics with proper analysis.
  2. Raise awareness among the suffering community to ensure the Ayurvedic way of life concerning the economic growth of individuals.
  3. Standardization of treatment principles for children with global acceptance.
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