Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research Hospital, Sri Sri University, Cuttack

Students List (Session: 2021-22)

Students for the Session 2021-22
Sl. No.  Reg. No.  Name of Student Father's Name Gender Email ID
1 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-01 Abinash Kasta Anjan Kumar Kasta Male [email protected]
2 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-02 Aman Tripathy Sunil Kumar Tripathy Male [email protected]
3 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-04 Anjali Tanya Niraj Kumar Singh Female [email protected]
4 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-05 Ankita Mohanty Ashok Kumar Mohanty Female [email protected]
5 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-06 Ankita Verma Sewa Ram Verma Female [email protected]
6 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-07 Anurag Behera Suresh Chandra Behera  Male [email protected]
7 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-08 Arpita Panda Ashok Kumar Panda Female [email protected]
8 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-09 Ashismala Panigrahi Shiba Charan Panigrahi Female [email protected]
9 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-10 Aviral Alind Srivastav Alind Srivastav Male [email protected]
10 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-11 Binayak Chandra Pradhan Abhiram Pradhan  Male [email protected]
11 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-12 Dasari Lakshmi Bhargavi Dasari Madhaba Female [email protected]
12 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-13 K R Santoshini Biswajit Female [email protected]
13 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-14 Krishanu Paul Keshab Kanti Paul Male [email protected]
14 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-15 Mohammad Miraj Aalam Md Maqsood Ansari Male [email protected]
15 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-16 Nikita Ghosh Bimal Chandra Ghosh Female [email protected]
16 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-17 Nikita Panigrahi Ramesh Panigrahi Female [email protected]
17 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-18 Prayash Mund Chittaranjan Mund Male [email protected]
18 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-19 Priyanka Priyadarshini Bal Ratikanta Bal Female [email protected]
19 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-20 Punam Priti Nayak Pradeep Nayak Female [email protected]
20 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-21 Riya Dewangan Anil Kumar Dewagan Female [email protected]
21 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-22 Saikh Nasir Noor Quaderi Sekh Noor Male [email protected]
22 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-23 Saket Srivas Kameshwar Srivas Male [email protected]
23 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-25 Shiladitya Behera Sunil Kumar Behera Male [email protected]
24 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-26 Shovanjan Banerjee Lachman Banerjee Male [email protected]
25 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-27 Shreya Mishra Gopal Mishra Female [email protected]
26 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-28 Shreyas Soni Santosh Kumar Soni Male [email protected]
27 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-29 Shristi Raj Ram Akbal Sahu Female [email protected]
28 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-30 Shubham Behra Heera Behra Male [email protected]
29 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-31 Siddharth Karsh Pooran Mal Karsh Male [email protected]
30 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-32 Sonal Tripathy Harikishore Tripathy Female [email protected]
31 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-33 Sonali Behra Gajanan Behra Female [email protected]
32 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-34 Soumya Manoj Kumar Pathak Female [email protected]
33 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-35 Soumya Meher Dolagobinda Meher Female [email protected]
34 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-36 Soumyashree Adhek Biswanath Adhek Female [email protected]
35 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-37 Subham Kumar Gukhura Sursh Chandra Gokhura Male [email protected]
36 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-38 Subhasish Guru Akshya Kumar Guru Male [email protected]
37 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-39 Subrat Kumar Rana Kirti Chandra Rana Male [email protected]
38 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-40 Suprav Meher Pramod Kumar Meher Male [email protected]
39 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-41 Swadhin Kumar Mangal Basanta Kumar Mangal Male [email protected]
40 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-42 Tanisha Mohapatra M P Mahapatra Female [email protected]
41 FHW-BAMS-2021-26-43 Twinkle Moonka Hari Krishan Moonka Female [email protected]