Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research Hospital, Sri Sri University, Cuttack
President, SSU
Prof. Rajita Kulkarni

Prof. Rajita is a successful banker turned educator, a bestselling author, a global thought leader, and a transformational leadership coach. She is currently holding the following prestigious positions.

Sri Sri University – Cuttack, Odisha, India

Prof. Rajita took over as the President of the prestigious Sri Sri University in India in April 2017. Before that she served as a member of the Board of Governors of Sri Sri University from 2009. From 2012, she and her team successfully launched the Faculty of Management Studies, A School of Yoga & Naturopathy, A School of Good Governance and Public Policy, A School of Performing Arts and a PhD program in Management & International Business, Bachelors programs in Business Administration, Commerce & Architecture and a first in Asia Masters in Osteopathy program. The University operates 11 schools currently with 850 students and will reach full capacity of 10000 students by 2021. Along with the phase wise launch of the University, she also drives sustainable community development in villages in the vicinity of the campus. She has launched vocational employment oriented programs for youth in collaboration with Larsen & Toubro, tailoring schools for women and young girls, health and hygiene camps for children. Under her supervision homes, community halls and medical care facilities have been built for 3 villages. In the last 3 years Over 550 unemployed young village boys and girls have got vocational training and are now gainfully employed. In the short time since its launch Sri Sri University has already been a recipient of many awards – Most Green campus Award from the Government of Odisha, Most Holistic Education University, Most Innovative University, Award for Synthesis of ancient and modern approaches. The University is also forging international collaborations with institutions from other countries,

Prof. Rajita’s keen understanding of the education landscape of the world, her ability to connect with academicians, students and regulators and her unique skill of bringing together diverse groups of stakeholders towards a common goal is taking the Sri Sri University team to build it as a global centre of excellence.

World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB) – Brussels, Belgium

As the President of WFEB Prof. Rajita leads a global Board of Directors comprising Members of European Parliament, CEOs, and international experts from business and development. In the last 6 years of her presidency she has built and worked with global coalitions of organisations from the public and private sector, government and institutions like the United Nations, The World Bank Group, The European Parliament, The Council of Europe, CERN, The International Olympic Association, FIFA, The Max Planck Institute, Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales, Chambers of Commerce and various civil society organisations. In 2016 she steered WFEB to become part of a Global Partnership of 86 Institutions including Harvard, Stanford, UNDP, OECD, OGP, Accenture, GIZ, University of Birmingham among others. WFEB has taken the message of ethics, good governance and transparency in business around the world with annual conferences in the European Parliament, national/regional conferences in London, Singapore, Netherlands, Slovenia, Nepal, Poland, Russia, India, Geneva, Zurich and Mexico.

WFEB is expanding its scope of work to initiatives in the areas of Ethics in Sports and Ethics in Science and Innovation. Two World Summits on Ethics in Sports have been held in partnership with FIFA, Government of Switzerland and representatives from 21 sports in 2014 and 2016.

The World Youth Forum held under the aegis of WFEB, trains youth leaders in transformational, ethical leadership inspiring them to lead their communities for sustainable development. Universities like Nyenrode from Netherlands and Hasselt from Belgium have partnered in this effort.

Her ability to inspire big visions, create collaborative multi culture, multi country teams and energy to drive action oriented initiatives has been instrumental in bringing together global leaders, CEOs, current and previous Heads of States, religious leaders and youth. Prof. Rajita is committed to create global advocacy to inspire individuals and corporations embrace the values of ethics, good governance, sustainability and shared value.

Transformational Leadership for Excellence – Switzerland

Prof. Rajita is responsible for global design and roll out of the Transformational Leadership for Excellence program. This program is helping leaders and teams across the world access their full potential and catalyse the process of growth. She has trained and coached leaders of over 50 countries to rid themselves of their stress and live a happy, healthy life. She has worked with close to 25 governments around the world helping them accelerate and catalyse their process of social development and growth. She has worked with CEOs, Ministers, bureaucrats among others to enhance their leadership effectiveness for excellence in life. She is committed to nurturing talent by training trainers to sharpen their skills of facilitation, presentation and communication. (Annexure 2) .