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Launch of Bal Vikash Pushti & Suraksha Yojna

Launch of Bal Vikash Pushti & Suraksha Yojna

One Step Towards Child Growth / The Road Back to Growth and Hope

Bal Vikash Prushti & Suraksha Yojana is an initiative organized under Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital. It is an initiative taken towards the development and advancement of basic needs for rural children which shall conducted each month on the pushya nakshetra starting from 12th July, 2021. Every child has a birth right to get proper care till he/she reaches to his/her full-grown phase. The drive’s main focus is to provide free health check-ups, free medicines, free food and free clothing towards meeting the basic requirements of a child. It is known that infant and child nutrition play remarkable roles in the proper growth and development, including future socio-economic status of the child. Therefore, keeping an eye, an initiative is taken by Dr. Sandhya Sadana and Dr. Durga Prasad Dash upon this noble cause.

It has been noticed that nutritional deficiencies and inflammatory processes have been associated with deficits to children’s growth and health, and potentially to their development. At the same time, early learning can promote children’s development through direct processes. Nutritional deficiencies along with stress and other adversities during early life can create disparities that disrupt children’s growth and developmental trajectories, compromising their future health, educational attainment, psychosocial well-being, and economic productivity. According to the World Bank, India has one of the highest populations of children suffering from malnutrition in the world; one that is double the size of Sub-Saharan African countries. According to the World Bank, India has one of the highest populations of children suffering from malnutrition in the world. More than 38% Indian children aged 0 – 59 months are severely undernourished. In any calamity or natural disaster, children are always the biggest victims. They are incapable of rebuilding their lives, or even rushing to safety independently, and left to the whims of others.

Viewing into all this issues a small step has been initiated for growth, development and immunizing for 100 under-privileged kids from near location of Sri Sri University. On 12th July, 2021 foundational ceremony of Bal Vikash Prushti & Suraksha Yojana was conducted opening with guru puja and inauguration has been done by Mr. Narendra Lamba, Chief Operation Officer (COO) and Captain Chandra Sekhar Panda along with Dr. Sandhya Sadana, Chief Administration Officer and Dr. Durga Prasad Dash (Medical Superintendent). The primary motto of this scheme is to ensure good health and growth for every little one. The Medical Superintendent and pediatric specialist Dr. Durga Prasad Dash along with Dr. Dhruvprasad and Dr. Priyanshu Tripathy thoroughly examined the health of every children and provided them necessary medicinal treatments.

Swarna Bindu Prashana (SBP) is an ancient approach to improve the infant’s immunity. The main ingredients of SBP are swarna prashan (gold nanoparticle), gou ghrita (cow ghee), madhu (honey), and other medhya dravyas (drugs which enhance intellectual, memory). According to the Indian classical text, SBP has been proposed as a potent medicine for immunotherapies and vaccine development due to its indefinite size, shapes, charges, and surface functionality. It not only improves immune system, physical strength and digestion power. It also protects rural kids for allergies and fungal infections.

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced impacts on general health and child development through exposure to the virus and consequent infection, as well as through the social confinement recommended or mandated in an attempt to slow the progress of COVID-19, enable adequate medical care, and prevent the collapse of health care systems. In such a devastating situation Sri Sri Ayurveda being a Good Samaritan helped the society by taking such steps by providing food and cloth distributions including medical assistance to the affected backward class kids.

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