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World Health Day is celebrated each year on the 7th of April for global health awareness under the patronage of the World Health Organization as well as related health organizations. On 7th April 1948, WHO was founded and since that day world health day is celebrated as a memory of the foundation day of WHO. In Ayurveda healthy is considered as well functioned body processes along with a happy mind, sense and soul. But in this scenario of pandemics and pollution, the health of every individual is decaying. So, this year’s theme for world health day is “Our planet our health”. It is admittable that improvisation of our health is only possible when we get a healthy and pollution-free environment. Our planet is degrading day by day due to increased pollution caused by excess use of fossil fuel, industries, and war activities which causes diseases like Asthma, Cancer and lifestyle disorders that need urgent global action and attention to create mankind engrossed in welfare.

Reportedly, over 13 million deaths occur every year due to inevitable environmental causes and the climate crisis is one of the biggest health crises facing humanity. Our political, commercial and social decisions are the factors for it. Severe weather conditions, land degradation, plastic pollution and scarcity of water force out people from their native land and affect their health. Food that is processed and unhealthy, beverages lead the community to diseases like obesity, hypertension, heart and lung diseases, cancer and even death.

            The situation of COVID – 19 divulged our weakness in all areas of the health system as well as survival lacunas. It enlightens us about the priority to build a defensible society and environment to achieve egalitarian health for now and future generations. So, it is very much needed to keep our planet healthy by making long-term goals for human well-being and environmental stability and this could be achieved by our action. This action includes much more plantation, soil conservation, use of fewer fossil fuels, minimal use of plastic, waste management, water purification, etc. It is only possible with both social, economic and political efforts. Breaking these patterns of the destruction of nature and human health needs governmental action. The public should be encouraged and supported to maintain environmental health to maintain a healthy life for themselves. It’s our planet, and it’s not easy to stay healthy without mother nature.

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