Sri Sri College of Ayurvedic Science & Research Hospital, Sri Sri University, Cuttack

Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institutional Ethics Committee for research in Ayurveda/ Yoga/ Osteopathy/ allopathy medicine in collaboration with national and International research institute on 03 May, 2021 approval of Prof. A. K. Singh Honorable Vice Chancellor of Sri Sri University, Cuttack.

The following office bearers are selected as per UGC IEC Norms.

SL No.




Prof. (Dr.) P.K Panda



Prof. (Dr.) D.P. Dash

Medical Superintendent, SSAYH, SSCASRH, SSU.


Dr. Sanjib Kumar Das

Asst. Prof. &Consultant Kayachikitsa, SSCASRH, SSU.


Dr. Sandhya Sadana



Dr. Pallavi Mahanta

Pharmacy Manager, SSAYH, SSCASRH, SSU.


Dr. Snigdharani Patra

Panchakarma Consultant, SSAYH, SSCASRH, SSU.


Dr. Rajesh Maharatha

Shalya Consultant, SSAYH, SSCASRH, SSU.


Adv. Mitra R. Tripathy

Advocate, Cuttack Bar Association


Mrs. Laxmipriya Behera

House wife

The first IEC meeting was held on under the chairmanship of Prof. (Dr.) A. K. Panda, Dean and Member Secretary Prof. (Dr.) Durga Prasad Dash, Medical Superintendent of SSCASRH, SSU, Cuttack on 7th June, 2021 for approval of research work entitled A double blind random placebo clinical study of Ayurvedic medicines for Covid-19 positive patients under the principal investigator of Dr. Sanjib Kumar Das, Assistant Professor and Consultant, Kayachikitsa, SSCASRH, SSU, Cuttack.

The research protocol project was sponsored by SSIAR, Bengaluru. The research work commenced on 8th June, 2021 among the registered Covid-RTPCR positive patients received of IPD of COVID care center and OPD of SSCASRH, SSU, Cuttack

The synopsis of research study protocol was as follows:

  1. Study Design- A randomized double blind placebo controlled clinical study.
  2. Center – SSCASRH, SSU, Cuttack.
  3. Study Period- 12 Weks.
  4. Study Population- Symptomatic Covid-19 Patients of age 18 to 65 Years
  5. Study Objective.
    1. To evaluate the effect of NF1, NF2 Medicine in Covid-19 RTPCR Positive patients.
    2. Effect of NF & NF2 therapy on laboratory parameters related to Covid-19 positive patients.
  6. Numbers of Subject Grouping – 100 [NF1 (Group A-50) and NF3 (Group B-50)].
  7. Number of Arm- There will be 2 arms;
    1. Arm 1- Ayurvedic Medicines.
    2. Arm 2- Placebo.
  8. Inclusion Criteria:
  • Age 16 to 65 Years.
  • Symptomatic Covid-19 positive patients without comorbidities.
  • Willingness to participate in the study.
  1. Exclusion Criteria:
    1. Age less than 18 years and more than 65 years
    2. Pregnancy, Lactation, comorbidities patients
    3. Patient not willing to participate.
  2. Study and Control Treatment: 2 (500mg) Tab TDS along with standard care.
  3. Assessment of treatment- Subjective and objective criteria.
  4. Statistical Evaluation- Pair T, test