Contrary to the modern concepts surgery was pioneered by Ayurveda in ancient India. It is a significant branch of Ayurveda. The name of the sage-physician Sushruta is synonymous with surgery. From his treatise Susruta Samhita we come to know that thousand of years ago sophisticated methods of surgery were practiced in India.

  • Shalya Tantra is a vital part of Ayurveda which deals with surgical & parasurgical management.
  • In our hospital, In Shalya Tantra dept. We provide special OPD & IPD for patients.
  • We have well equipped O.T for surgery
  • We provide kshara Karma, agnikarma & Raktamokshan treatment for various diseases.

Dr. Rajesh Maharatha

Shalya Consultant

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Dr. Ramesh Ku Sahu

Resident Medical Officer

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Dr. Sourabh Mandal

Resident Surgical Officer

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  • Ksharautra Treatment for Ano rectal Diseases like Piles fistle& fissure
  • By Leech Therapy we are treating various skin diseases, chronic ulcers Diabetic ulcers. Varicose ulcers, varicose veins etc.
  • By Agnikarma we are treating diseases like arthritis, corn, wart. Anal fissure etc

  • Anorectal Diseases, like
  • Piles, Fustle, fissure, Pilonidal Sinus
  • Rectal polyp, Anal wart, Pericenal Abscess Prolapse Rectum etc.
  • Varicose vein, Varicose ulcer.
  • Non healing ulcers
  • Chronic skin diseases
  • Spondylosis, Arthritis, Tennis Elbow
  • Corn
  • Wart
  • Keloids
  • Abscess, cyst, Tumors. Etc

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