Special Care for Women

Gynaecology in Ayurveda deals with the aspects of menstrual disturbances such as irregular periods, dysmenorrhea, increased bleeding during menstruation, PCOS, etc and menopausal changes and related issues.

Whereas obstetrics in Ayurveda or Prasuti tantra specializes in female infertility (vandyatwa), pre-conceptual care (garbhadhana samskara), pre-natal care (garbhini samskara) & post-natal care (sutika samskara).

Pumsavana karma, a unique method to get good progeny is practiced here. Also, treatments to ease the delivery like garbhini matra basti are practiced under monitoring. Considering the fact that there is a significant increase with regards to the number of cases of post-partum stress, Prasuti tantra in Ayurveda which was an important science of the earlier period, is very much relevant even today.


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Why Prasuti Tantra?

Suitable for chronic gynaecological issues, such as irregular cycles, abdominal cramping, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal disorders, uterine polyps, thyroid and adenomyosis, etc. Effective treatments for gynaecological syndrome.

Management of menarche in Ayurveda
The initial beginning of menstruation is in Menarche. Pallava is a bud that flourishes. As a bud goes from its bud to its floral stage, particular attention is needed to get the ideal flora. Likewise, a girl kid needs specific care in order to effortlessly and sweetly achieve the basic changes in the body that are efficiently achieved with Ayurveda. It helps achieve maximum reproductive health and prepares the healthy offspring system.

  1. Counselling.
  2. Dietary advice.
  3. Internal medication and formulations for perfect reproductive health.
  4. Medication to combat menstrual disorders.

Infertility cure program in Ayurveda

Every human being is given the capacity to bring a new life into being. This normal reproductive process hinders because of certain reasons. It gives hope and satisfaction to a healthy offspring’s yearning.

internal medicines for panchakarma to achieve the highest reproductive health.
Consultancy for pre-design actions.
Diet and lifestyle guidance.
Singing of mantra.
Advice on this.

Menarche and menopause are the only two phases in a woman’s life, one in which a girl is turned into a woman and the other in which the reproductive period has been successful. A menopausal lady should thus be able to permeate the changes that occur to her body and mind successfully.

  1. Panchakarma and internal medicines in the next years to achieve a seamless transition and wonderful health.
  2. Rasayana a treatment of rasa dhatu rejuvenation.
    Dietary advice, lifestyle and advice.
  3. Provision, according to each individual demand, of a tailored month-wise kit.

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