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Special Care for Women

Gynaecology in Ayurveda deals with the aspects of menstrual disturbances such as irregular periods, dysmenorrhea, increased bleeding during menstruation, PCOS, etc and menopausal changes and related issues.

Whereas obstetrics in Ayurveda or Prasuti tantra specializes in female infertility (vandyatwa), pre-conceptual care (garbhadhana samskara), pre-natal care (garbhini samskara) & post-natal care (sutika samskara).

Pumsavana karma, a unique method to get good progeny is practiced here. Also, treatments to ease the delivery like garbhini matra basti are practiced under monitoring. Considering the fact that there is a significant increase with regards to the number of cases of post-partum stress, Prasuti tantra in Ayurveda which was an important science of the earlier period, is very much relevant even today.


Dr. Armaan Pariksha

Resident Medical Officer BAMS

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Why Prasuti Tantra?

Suitable for chronic gynaecological issues, such as irregular cycles, abdominal cramping, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hormonal disorders, uterine polyps, thyroid and adenomyosis, etc. Effective treatments for gynaecological syndrome.

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