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Physical therapy tackles diseases and injuries that restrict the ability of a person to move around and do functioning in their everyday life.  Physiotherapy is a branch of healthcare that assists individuals with mechanical strength, motions, manual treatment, workout therapy, electrotherapy, restoration and maximization of strength, function, and well-being to enhance quality of life. We focus largely on the back, necks, postural issues, joint and muscle discomfort, arthritis, geriatrics, cardiorespiratory disorders, ophthalmology, neurology and athletic injuries.


Dr. Sandhya Sadana

Senior Physiotherapist

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Why Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapists teach, counsel and educate patients in order to assist them behave easily in their daily life. We also provide  advise on how houses may be refurbished to them for home training. Our  Physiotherapist provides treatments to patients who have impairments, disabilities, unique needs or changes that arise from disease, injury or other causes in their physical function and health.

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