Awareness Lecture on Ayurveda Delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Durga Prasad Dash for Sanskrit dept., SSU

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With the consent of the head of Sanskrit Department, an awareness lecture has been delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Durga Prasad Dash about the basic principles of Ayurveda. The lecture highlights the treatment principles described in Ayurvedic classics are not only for curing diseased individuals but also for the healthy ones to maintain their healthy & happy life. The body constituents like Dosha, Dhatu &Mala are described briefly to explain body physiology. The role of Panchamahabhuta, Indriya, Tanmatra are explained to describe psychomotor disorders. Different examples were given to explain Sattwa, Raja & Tama like psychological components responsible to understand disease-free state. The facilities available in Sri Sri Ayurveda Hospital are discussed. The facility of O.T., Male & Female Panchakarma, Special Pediatric treatment facilities in the hospital are shared with the department.

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