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AIDS: The Secret Epidemic

AIDS: The Secret Epidemic

While everyone is struggling to fight back the COVID-19 pandemic, we should not forget about the deadly old enemy being with us for decades. This is none other than the HIV virus which we still looking for a successful vaccine. HIV (Human immune deficiency virus) causes AIDS and put obstacles with the body’s ability to fight infections, so basically it is a group of symptoms which prevents the body ability to fight against the harmful micro-organisms and decreases the immunity of the body. Contact with contaminated blood, sperm, or vaginal secretions can spread the virus. When a person gets affected with HIV infection, within a week it shows its harmful and negative effects. Symptoms like Flu, fever, sore throat and fatigue are seen in the early stage of HIV infection which may be asymptomatic. But the condition gets worse when the virus plays its role in immune system of the body and progresses AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

When AIDS occurs the immune system of the body has been damaged severely which leads to recurrent and prolonged infections or unscrupulous cancers – diseases which are unusual for a person having healthy immune system. Symptoms of the AIDS includes emaciation, pyrexia and night sweat, exhaustion and frequent infections. Unfortunately, there is no cure for AIDS, but uncompromising cohesion to antiretroviral regimens (ARVs) can headlong slowdown the diseases advancement as well as putting a barrier on secondary infections and complications. A person can get affected with HIV virus by means of specific exploit, such as unprotected sex or come in contact with infected blood by means of needle and blade. HIV can only be transmitted by certain body fluids from a HIV infected person such as breast milk, vaginal fluids, rectal fluids, pre-seminal fluids, blood and semen. One can avoid being infected with HIV by following simple precautionary measures like self-denial for unprotected sex, never sharing surgical and using condoms every time during sex. HIV prevention medicines such as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) can also be taken for reducing the complication of HIV. At the end it can be said that the prevention of HIV is only with a person’s hand as extreme precaution against HIV will reduce the chance of HIV infection and spreading.

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